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Meet Our Pastor

Ron Maurer

Senior Pastor

Ron became a follower of Christ as a young boy. As a teenager he sensed a call to ministry, which his church and significant Christians in his life affirmed. So he pursued that call by first going to College and then on to Seminary for training. In 1993 he completed his education with a Master’s Degree and then received a call to join a church staff in Great Falls, MT. Ron served as an Associate Pastor of Youth and Worship, and then in Adult Discipleship. He served there from 1993 to 2012.

Through a set of connections, Ron was asked by his church to help revitalize another church near Great Falls in Stockett, MT. Stockett extended a call and Ron joined in late November of ’12 as their lead pastor. Ron married in 1998, and he and his wife have two boys.

Ron enjoys the rich partnership with his wife, and he supports his kids endeavors especially in their musical journeys. Sometimes all of that finds its way into the ministry of Stockett.